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Video Script

Frame 1:

The scene begins by showing a father, mother, and child in ancient times on a farm. We show the father and mother growing fruits and vegetables on the farm and there is happiness on their faces. Beside them, we show a child picking a fruit and taking a bite from it gladly. We show the bonding the family has with their farm and the whole scene gives out a positive vibe to the viewers. 

Voiceover: In the beginning, the world was ours to explore. We worked in rhythm with the soil, and it gave us so much in return. 

Frame 2:

The scene cuts to show the mother milking a cow, and the child drinking directly from the collected milk. 

Voiceover: Everything was fresh and original. 

Frame 3:

The scene then changes to show a man at the supermarket. He picks a tomato, puts it back, picks up another one, contemplates whether to pick it and takes it anyway though he doesn’t look impressed. 

Voiceover: But with time, we got too busy that we chose to settle for the not-so-best things in life.

Frame 4-6:

The background changes to show the man in the middle of a farm with greenery around. We show the man standing mesmerized at the sight of fresh produce and people working on the farms joyfully. 

Voiceover: Why compromise when you can go back to those good old days no matter wherever you are? 

Frame 7:

The scene then cuts to show the FarmsGate website on a laptop screen. The categories of vegetables, dairy, egg, chicken, and livestock are shown on the screen.

Voiceover: Introducing Farmsgate, an online marketplace for farmers where they can sell locally-grown farm produce directly to the consumers.

Frame 8:

The screen changes to show the harvest calendar and the pre-order and buy buttons.

Voiceover: Farmers can list their farm produce with the harvest calendar which allows you to pre-order or buy fresh harvest.

Frame 9:

The screen changes to show the live farm data, and the logos of IoT and AI appear on the screen. 

Voiceover: It lets you visit the farm, meet the farmer and get access to the live farm data. 

Frame 10:

The screen changes to show the reviews given to a farmer. We show five-star ratings and positive comments for that particular farmer.

Voiceover: FarmsGate also allows you to read reviews, compare products and choose the best.

Frame 11:

The scene changes to show a split-screen. On the first screen, we show a farmer working on his farm and reaping vegetables in a basket. On the second screen, we show a delivery guy handing over the order to the man at his doorstep. 

Voiceover: No storage, no preservatives, no middlemen – which means produce that is fresher, tastier, and healthier than that from the supermarket shelves, right at your doorsteps.

Frame 12:

The scene cuts to show the man along with his wife and his children eating the fruits gladly with a smile of satisfaction on their faces. Suddenly, the background changes to show that they are seated in the middle of the farm.

Voiceover: So visit the website to experience the joy of fresh harvest, from the farm to your kitchen!  

Frame 13:

The logo, website id (, and a tagline of FarmsGate appear on the screen.

Voiceover: FarmsGate – Let’s farm together.